From fine dining, ホスピタリティー, retailing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, architecture, fish farming in the UK, Europe, and Asia! Our broad and deep experience benefits multiple industries.

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Large, National hotel chain, 英国

Major water treatment & supply company, 英国

Biggest electrical & electronics retailer, 英国

Petrochemical, international

Specialist engineering company, 英国

Specialist, Italian car maintenance workshop, 英国

Top restaurant & bar, マレーシア

Highly successful luxury fashion exporter to Asia & worldwide, 英国 & マレーシア

Top restaurant & bar, マレーシア

Specialist architects, 英国

Ocean fishing, Malaysia/ International

Pharmaceutical, international

UK healthcare charity transport

Fresh farmed fish, マレーシア

Yayasan Annor Bakti, Malaysia charity

イギリス, Europe, マレーシア, シンガポール, インドネシア, …International