Make it easy for your clients to book/ reserve with you!  With automatic availability there is instant confirmation!  Reduce or remove the need for a receptionst; allow customers self-service from their desktop or mobile device.

It’s not just a booking system – extras, special offers, coupons/ vouchers can be included in the booking with or without additional charge!

Anything can be booked from doctor/ dental appointments, table reservations in restaurants, beauty appointments, holiday homes, equipment, cars, plant & machinery, opticians, hairdressers, massage spa, taxis, pet care and much more.


A specific date/ time/ place can be predefined in a booking link e.g. a special event, so that customer’s do not mis-book, and that URL link can be shared on emails, websites, social media.

We licence this for your use any way that your prefer.  Either:

    • Flat fixed fee per month, or
    • Flat fee or commission % per booking

Admin & technical support is available ongoing, whatever suits your way of working.

Gain a taste of our system.  Run the demo from any browser or device.


In our video here, we show booking a table for four people for a ‘celebration’ dinner, at 8.30 pm with a child’s chair, on the balcony. A deposit could be taken, but we chose not to in this example.



If two or more attempts are made to book the exact same item(s), the additional requests are declined.

Allow your clients to book your services/ items anytime they wish, not just when your receptionist/ customer service desk is open.

Rent accommodation, restaurant tables, schedule services, events, online reservations and appointments of any kind.

Clients can see availability when booking and therefore avoid false bookings, improve client service.  Show the number of places available, simply state “Available”, or not show availability at all, it’s your choice.

Not just days, but allow minutes and hours to be booked; and ad-hoc periods

Reservations can be added, approved, rejected, edited, cancelled, deleted, filtered, exported, printed, and displayed in a list or calendar.

If you have multiple venues, full booked at one location but availability elsewhere, our search allows customers to search them all, for all dates, prices, and items to book!

Locations can be added on a Google map, and these can have multiple calendars attached to it.  The locations will display on search results when you view the map.

Allow administrators and users to access different calendars and features.

For example: perhaps you have a chain of establishments, venues, restaurants and want an Area Manager to oversee all bookings.

Each calendar’s availability can be synchronized with Google Calendar, iCalendar or Airbnb.


Offer extra amenities, services, etc, with or without a price, to a booking request/ reservation e.g. private room, bike hire with a holiday cottage, upfront purchase of wine with a meal etc

Allow search availability for hours or days, and you can filter results by location and price across all calendars

Configure calendar availability, services, discounts, taxes & fees … and attach these to a product e.g. sell a product and with it sell a consultation/ training/ other bookable session.

Create unlimited coupon/voucher codes for your clients to offer incentives, and special deals.

Coupons can be negative or positive value, fixed or percent, once or by day/hour; with a validity dates.


Payment can be optional when a client creates a reservation or when they arrive.

PayPal and others such as 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree, ICEPAY, Mollie, Stripe, and WePay.

Take full or partial payment (deposits) to reduce no-shows/ simplify payment collection.  Payment can be by credit/ debit card, bank transfer, and more.

Any currency can be used.

Add taxes & fees that need to be paid with a booking request/ reservation.


Send notifications, to you and your clients, about reservations status with the Clickatell SMS gateway.  The notification message can be defined with any information you wish.

Send notifications, to you or your clients, about reservations with unlimited templates, to use with one or multiple calendars.

Multiple languages are available, as well as any text you wish.


Our sites have multiple layers of security: strong passwords, one-time-passwords, data transmissions protected with 256 bit SSL encryption, firewalls, and denial of service (DoS) attack protection.

Our hosting service has a 99.99% availability
(that equates to less than a 1 hour of downtime in a whole year).

We perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

Our hosting and offices are powered by 100% renewable energy.  It’s part of our business ethics.

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