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A charter or holiday home booking can be fairly complex involving crewed/ staffed or bare-boat charters/ unserviced property, and could involve extras such as excusions, and meal options.  Our system can handle these needs easily.  We can even provide a system which rents individual cabins/ properties in a boat and search across all availability in your fleet for cabins and whole-boats.

Combine this core booking technology with any design required as well as our newsletter system which permits fee-free subscribers and emails.  Our web-app technology has massive marketing benefits and user experience benefits.   You can have this service, all inclusive, for a fixed monthly-fee or commission on sales.

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Advanced Booking system

The booking form can contain additional options that may be required e.g. dietary, extra features such as water-sports, massage session, grocery pack, feature preferance e.g. outside window, upper/ lower deck etc

Bookings can be requests against visible or hidden availability that are manually confirmed by your staff, or automatically confirmed based on known availability.

Keep some capacity in reserve if you wish.  The system can manage what it is allowed to.

Customers can search availability across multiple boats/ properties not just one by one, so if one is unavailable the others can be proposed.

Periods and pricing may be by the hour, day, week, month and with specific hours and dates.  Even force bookings to start and end on the same day.

Just as in a hotel renting rooms, a boat charter could rent out cabins as part of the boat or the entire boat.

Offer special pricing for early bookings e.g. ‘Book now for Spring 2021 at a special price.’

Have pricing for long stays, weekends, city fees, cleaning fees, and taxes.  Take a deposit in case of damages.  Display a certain number of months ahead.

Accept payment by Paypal, Stripe, (and all the methods which these also offer such as Apple Pay), and Bank transfer

As well as email, SMS can be sent to customers.

We can also include a WhatsApp chat button on all or selected pages to make it super convenient for you and customers to get in touch.

Display pricing in multiple currencies

GIve comfort and respect to other cultures by activating 1 to 117 automatic languages.  Google indexes all language versions since they actually already exist on the site.  The text on each translation can also be manually refined exactly.

digital marketing, Latest technology

The site can contain a powerful email newsletter system to allow you to stay in regular touch with customers and enquirers for the years ahead.  There’s no per-email or per-subscriber charge.

Read more about our e-mail marketing system

Web-app technology allows a website to be installed as an app on a user’s home-screen which then creates a prominent icon as a frequently reminder of your website & business (instead of being just a bookmark on a browser).

Read more about Progresive Web Apps

We constantly look for business-benifical advances in technology that could be employed.

We can scale the volume of transactions, functions of the system, and performance to suit your operations as they may grow e.g. include booking calendar synchronisation with other sources etc

We have also one of the most advanced booking systems available should your needs be very particular, read more.

our service & support

We charge either:

  • a commission of sales, or
  • a fixed monthly fee

In both cases we have a vested interest to ensure you are able to effectively operate your business.  Let us know which functions

We provide the hosting in our UK data centre using fast servers secured from network attacks.  We maintain the software security up-to-date and thereby also the technical function.

We provide normal support during UK office hours, and out-of-hours as required.