e-Commerce websites

Get your business sales online and worldwide easily for a fraction of the cost and effort in opening a physical shop!  Let your customers pay by direct bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, as well as credit/ debit card through your merchant account.

Our shops all display on both mobile devices such as mobile phone/ tablets as well as desktop PCs.

e-Commerce websites can be very varied and requirements can change constantly.  Fortunately our online shops are also equally flexible to enhance and maintain as your business grows.

There are so many options available, get in touch to discuss your needs, and let us get you online fast!

Standard websites

Visitor Experience

Performance is a major factor in website visitor satisfaction.  Who will wait even ten seconds for a page to load?  Unhappy visitors are just not going to come back.  Our website (scores shown below), just like yours should aim for <3 second load time and double A rating.  As part of our design and quality control we use even more comprehensive tests from Google too, tweaking the hidden code and structure of our websites to optimise design with performance to deliver excellent impressions on your website visitors as a reflection of your business professionalism.


Our home page, graded 100%, fully loaded <3 seconds

Our home page, alternative score A A and fully loaded just 2 seconds – that’s from the UK to Australia!

Key features

To be found first amongst the heavy competition, in search engine results, our SEO service improves the ranking of your website month by month.  Top ten ranking is always our aim.  We initially deliver all our websites with (SSL) security certificates, high performance, & initial SEO, all of which Google loves!

Offer your customers many ways to pay if you wish, from cash on delivery, bank transfer, as well as Paypal, WeChat, credit card, debit card.

Fast websites lead to a more satisfying shopping experience.  We analyse and improve the performance of our shops with hardware and software enhancements.

Video is fantastic for showing and inspiring customers as to the features of your product or service.  We can include not just photographs but also videos.

Create and manage discounts offered to customers based on a wide variety of criteria e.g. order value, selected items, customer status.

Stay in regular contact with your customers with newsletters, advertising so they know your last news and offers.

If your customer adds items to their cart/ basket but doesn’t check-out, the shop can send them helpful reminder(s), and these might even include voucher codes to encourage them to complete the sale.

The screen will automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge your online shop to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Allow customers to choose their language, and/ or allow the website to recognise their likely language from their location.

Allow customers to choose their preferred currency, the shop will automatically recalculate item prices.

We are consultants focused on helping your business grow, we are delighted to be retained to support and maintain your website.  Our support & maintenance makes it easy for you to get fast changes made to your website.

We offer web and email hosting which is unmatched in quality, reliability, security, and performance.  Unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate included, and all on super fast solid state drives!



SEE L2KL.com

Here’s one example of a sophisticated online shop.

London2KL is a luxury fashion exporter from London, United Kingdom and Europe.  London2KL exports worldwide from the UK to Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and other countries.

On the home page, visitors are firstly impressed with the latest items and sale items.  The typical customer of the company demands the very latest fashion, yet there are also customers that are looking for this at a special price too.

Visitors can choose to see prices in GBP or MYR.  The shop manager can also easily change the currency exchange rate between these two and all prices are updated automatically.

Items at a reduced price are automatically shown as on SALE, and included in the SALE items.

A very special feature is the video possible for each product which will play onscreen without the need to switch to different views of the products.  Loads quickly too!

The site also includes:

  • NEWSLETTER/ EMAIL ADVERTISING to stay in touch with customers with news and offers.
  • PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AS VIDEOS to provide vivid indication of the product features, style, and quality.

Additionally, we developed information technology such as:

  • Products are all uniquely barcoded for tracking at every point in their journey from supplier to customer.
  • Customer account balances are managed and integrated with the delivery status so orders are shipped as soon as payment is complete and not until.
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