‘Click, click, click, pay’. In that fast process entice them with your special offers, new items, and more in a consistent, efficient process!

Customers use Just Eat, Deliveroo, and other delivery companies because you don’t have anything easy.

Get your own food delivery website and web app!  As easy as pie, ready in 5-days from today!


A mobile optimised web-site allows customers to easily order food on all devices.  A web-app allows customers to add your company icon to their ‘Home screen’.

It’s yours!  No competitor is advertised to steal your customers.

Design matches your brand – logo,text, colours.

Setup a reward scheme – points per order and/ or sale and special points for the first order.  Reward loyalty however you wish – discounts, free items.

We (simply) charge

a fair, fixed, monthly fee with support


Offer automatic membership of a ‘loyalty club’.  Set up an electronic ‘stamp card’ to encourage return business.  Offer points for orders, order value, and visits.  [This is part of our demo restaurant]

Unlimited coupons/ vouchers – discounts, free items, minimum orders. Set up a competitive offer, that no other business has, easily! [This is part of our demo restaurant]

Google, and other search engines, index the contents (something they can’t do with ‘native’ apps)!

It’s better than a native app.

Offer customers higher quality, bigger options/ portions, higher cost items; and related items easily.

Offer customers collection with/ out discount, free/ flat or variable rate delivery based on distance, drawn zone, or postcode.

How about allowing customers to ‘Drive-By Collection’ (handover at the roadside (like a ‘Drive Through’))?

Allocate orders to drivers manually, or automatically, or allow drivers to select, and confirm successful delivery.

With a handy WhatsApp chat button on your website, your visitors can get in-touch directly via instant messaging. You then obtain direct contact details for later contact.

Send direct status updates by SMS and email to keep your customers personally informed.  Use these for close contact with your customers.

On supported devices (Android Google Chrome, and iOS Safari), send in-app notifications.

Perhaps some staff have a different preferred language than other staff?  Or maybe your customers would be flattered with the choice of their own language.  Multiple languages are available, as well as any text you wish.

Immediate, or a timed or delayed delivery or collection as a period e.g. ‘in 30 minutes‘ or a specific date and time e.g. ‘2nd February 17:00

Give your customers the choice of: cash on delivery or collection, pre-payment by credit card, PayPal, Stripe, Apple pay, and more, even direct bank transfer.

Any currency and multiple currencies can be used.

(We even have automated or manual currency exchange rate updates to recalculate all prices)

View gross/ nett sales by company, customer account or guest, and product, product category, numerically and graphically, including coupons/ vouchers used, refunds, and delivery charges per day, week, this/ last month or specific defined period.

All your team may access the system from their own smart phone, desktop PC, or laptops through any browser; each with customised access rights.

The manager can see the orders, the kitchen likewise.

With a ‘Cloud’ printer, orders can instantly print the moment they arrive.

Customers and staff access the system with a Smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.  No special terminal; no app to install (and update).

Our sites have multiple layers of security: strong passwords, one-time-passwords, data transmissions protected with 256 bit SSL encryption, firewalls, and denial of service (DoS) attack protection.

Our hosting service has a 99.99% availability
(that equates to less than a 1 hour of downtime in a whole year).

We perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

Our pleasure is in developing businesses, yours and ours together.  We continuously improve and stay dynamic to innovate, applying the power of information technology.


Shit back and watch.  Easy ordering with 1-2 clicks then rapid check-out.  ‘healthy’ options, automatic loyalty rewards/ discounts, and instant notifications by SMS.


Gain a taste of our real system as a customer. Run it from any browser, and/ or install it as a web app from iOS Safari or Android Google browsers.