Loyal, regular customers love your food ...already

Your best customers are probably local, they love your food, they know where you are, (they don’t need international marketing from intermediatries such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, Food Panda etc etc).

A lasting long term business is grown with close, loyal customers you love and they love you.


Your customers want a modern, easy, way to order (from their Smart phone).

Your phone or staff are often engaged, or it’s such a slow process to call, read out the order, and hear you repeat it (and sometimes get it wrong), and not even quickly advise the total price.


It’s just you and your customers with our system.  (Not a whole directory of competitors a click away).

Your food, your service, your brand (your logo, colours, fonts, and images; plus we have access to a 4.5 million stock media library, hundreds of fonts, 16.7million colour pallete and can design more)!

Smart phone, is all that is needed

Your business and customers just need a Smart phone.  No need to purchase, install, train on a terminal, and no need for your customers to install (and update) an app.  Your system works online as a responsive website (automatically resizing to any screen used to view it) accessible from standard browsers, updates are immediately live!

SETUP, READY withIN 4 days

Your own-brand online ordering website created in less than 4 days.

  • Provide your logo*, company contact details, & current website access*.
  • Update our online spreadsheet with your food/ product menu (including descriptions, sale/ regular prices, variations, allergy information etc).    If you need support, we can dive in and help you.  We’ll send you complete instructions.
  • Advise your a) payment methods (cash, credit card etc); & b) collection/ delivery options.


  • We setup the initial site (you can update products, prices, coupons, delivery options later too).
  • We discuss advanced promotions e.g. coupons/ vouchers, portion sizes to promote greater sales (you can change them later).

Done!  Start taking orders!

* if you have one, otherwise we can help you there too, easily!


Send direct status updates by SMS, (and WhatsApp soon), and email to keep your customers personally informed of their order status.

Use these channels to send other marketing messages for very intimate contact with customers.

Why SMS?  It works even when the customer has poor mobile data network!


Offer vouchers to promote sales – discounts, free items, minimum order values etc etc.  Just tell us what you want, and we have lots of suggestions!  Set up a competitive offer, that no other restaurant has, easily!

Bubbles on each product to highlight offers, ‘new’, on sale, etc


Offer customers collection (perhaps with a discount), free delivery, flat rate delivery, delivery based on distance or zone or postcode.

If delivery is not an option.  How about a Hot Collection? (Ask John what this is!)

It’s up to you, whatever works best!


Give your customers the choice of: cash on delivery/ collection, credit card, even direct bank transfer (which are rapid nowadays).

We can probably use any existing credit card merchant service you use.  We also have good successful experience with PayPal, and Stripe, which are fantastic modern, quick to set up, and cheap payment services.


When and if you need more features online.  We can help you with the following:

  • Feedback forms
  • Table reservation/ booking systems
  • Product reviews/ ratings
  • Newsletter/ direct email marketing
  • and more…


You might want to keep a contract with intermediatries bringing  in new customers that haven’t found you by other means?

(But what’s the point paying commission for customers that already love your business?)


We are here as business innovators, helping you use and apply technology for best business benefit.  We will proactively stay in contact to ensure you are aware of all the features.  Sure, we understand technology, but we see it as a tool to drive business.


Click the link and contact me.  I’d love to show you the system in action.

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MORE QUESTIONS, ...and answers

Contact me directly.  I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

John Dickerson MBA BSc(Hons) MInstP PMP


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