Retained Consultancy

Our preferred way of working with our clients is on the basis of retained consultancy.  We guarantee a committed, and regular, proactive support to your business.  As we understand your business, we are able to proactively offer advice on improvements that can be made in the effective & efficient use of information technology to innovate your business.

We are not ‘geeks’ driven by technology, we are business focused technical experts experienced in applying the power of IT to innovate business.

Key Features

We form a relationship with our clients focused on improving their business.  We meet each month, as well as whenever necessary constantly considering our client’s business and open to ideas to innovate ahead of their competitors.

Our advice is unbiased, we are not tied to any technology vendors, free to advise on the most appropriate solutions.

The manager selected will grow to know your business over the medium & long term, here to form a relationship, working seamlessly as if part of your own team.

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