Instead of information systems accessible only to those in the office or workplace, we can develp information applications which are accessible from any device with internet access.  This means that everyone can have the latest status of company orders, project tasks, address books, diaries, and any shared information.  The valuable extension of this is that your teams can work remotely from home, from the beach, from foreign sites worldwide, anytime.  Thus, information systems that were only affordable by large corporations are now within the budget of small and medium sized enterprises.

We’ve connected lawyers securely to their case records so they always had access to those critical facts when visiting clients, in the court room, or in the cab enroute.  Encrypted access and data means their data is as secure as any online bank.

We recently created an online order and stock management system for a high end designer brand retailer operating between the UK and Malaysia.  The system means that staff in both halves of the planet can have instant access and trusted information on stock, orders, customer details, shipping, and individual item locations.  They access this system in the office, from home, from goods receipt to customer delivery.

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