Test Book is a web based software application which has a special focus on clarity.  It helps to make software, engineering or scientific testing more logical, structured, accessible, clearer, and easier to manage.

Test Book provides:

  • a hierarchical structured grouping for test scripts and test results (see the screen shot portion below)
  • precise numerical reporting of test publication status, test status/ faults and re-tested faults in absolute and percentage forms (see the screen shot portion below)
  •  vivid graphical reporting in colour and with unique icons of test of test publication status, test status/ faults and re-tested faults in absolute and percentage forms  (see the screen shot portion below)
  • flexible, customisable language to ensure the software suits your industry and culture
  • access from any internet enabled device
  • export to MS Excel or other spreadsheet in comma separated value (CSV) format
  • ability to easily copy one or many test scripts to enable rapid creation of new test plans
  • securely encrypted data
  • user rights according to roles as script author, tester, fault fixer, and/ or administrator
  • and more

Live Demonstration

A demonstration system is available upon request.

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The image, shown right of here, shows just a piece of a screen where the hierarchical structure of a group of tests for an organisation, process group, and processes is shown with the allocated tests and vivid display of status.

  • Blue dot indicates the script has been completed, white indicates not completed.
  • Green dot indicates the test or retest was successful
  • Small orange cross indicates the test has or had a minor fault
  • A large red cross indicates  the test has or had a major fault
  • White dot indicates there is no result

The image below (click to enlarge it) shows a portion of the dashboard screen which provides an overview of tests and results in vivid numerical and graphical clarity.  Script status is shown in blue, successful tests in green and failed tests in red, whilst minor fails are shown in grey if fixed or orange if unfixed, and major fails are shown in black if fixed or red if unfixed.  Just a click on the test number will bring up the detailed test record where further information on the test, the test or re-test result is shown.

Test Book screen shot of dashboard


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