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Business Developers in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire

We develop businesses.  We use IT to innovate businesses, to vastly improve their function and capability.  Websites are a fundamental technology.  The world wide web is about connecting people, organisations, & businesses to one another.  It’s a ruthless global marketplace, where customers and other stakeholders have massive choice just a click away.  Whether you want the online equivalent of a brochure, library of information, shop, or portal for support or access to databases we can help you and connect with your world of customers, suppliers, and staff.

We focus on your business objectives.  Our aim is to create a competitive advantage for you.  We listen, understand and interpret client requirements, we then challenge, suggest, and innovate those ideas into a functioning, valuable website which supports business outcomes.

Expertise in Business

Above all, we are focussed on your business objectives, not ours.  The question immediately on our minds and throughout any project is:

What’s the business outcome?

Thus, our team includes firstly, qualified:

  • marketing experts
  • business development managers
  • business analysts

as well as:

  • graphic designers,
  • copywriters & editors,
  • software developers,
  • programmers,

and lastly,

  • project managers to unite all these skills to deliver exactly.

A Formula for Great Websites

tn_impact3Great websites start with their purpose which resonates with the visitor; firstly, lastly, always!  Thus, we start by understanding who our clients are, what they do, what they don’t, what they want to do, what their short, medium, and long term objectives are, what issues they have on their minds, what they seek from their website, and what difference it will make to their organisation.

Graphical Impact

tn_impact1We live in a vivid world.  We can understand an image in the blink of an eye, whilst text has to be (more slowly) read and understood.  Graphics, photos, video, animation, images, and even small icons are all vital on a website for a fantastic first and ongoing impression to engage with visitors.

We can provide photography of your products and services, staff, or premises through an onsite photo shoot and all the post-processing to ensure your organisation is presented vividly.  We can also source photographs from a vast range of pre-photographed scenes where this may be preferred.

We exploit photography, video, and animation to provide impact to the business message.

Logos and branding

Websites for small companies are an important marketing tool.  A logo is a vital signature of the organisation.  With a new website often comes the opportunity to condense and encapsulate the values, purpose, and distinctions of the organisation into a logo.  We bring our understanding of an organisation to fruition in developing a simple, yet clear & impactful logo (that echoes throughout the organisation from website, to stationary, and livery).

Textual Impact

Language is a powerful tool when used in a refined manner, a balance between not too much, not too little, and enough to leave the reader wanting more.  Our own expertise in analysing technically complex situations and distilling this into clear actions is a valuable skill when it comes to producing or editing your own words.

Technology – The ‘Easy Bit’

The easy bit is the technical stuff, the hosting, security, performance, and software programming to present these messages.  Websites are a medium; a channel to communicate, to inspire, to promote action.

We bring together software and hardware technology to bring this text and images to life.


If you need webhosting to store your website.  We can:

  • supply our own feature rich hosting for a rapid start,
  • work with your existing hosting, or
  • recommend other hosting companies.

Security  & Performance

All our websites are delivered with the latest software versions, and mitigations from hackers to secure their safe operation.  We take great care to optimise our websites so that they are usable on all intended devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and office desktop PCs.

Search Engine Optimisation

At the time we build a website we consider how to ensure search engines such as Google see the website in the same light as potential visitors so that visitors can easily find the website in the world of billions of others.

We can refine and enhance this ranking with ongoing reviews and adjustments to the website to ensure that the site is viewed higher and higher in Google (and other’s) eyes.

Project Management

With such diverse skills, as described above, at play, we bring these efficiently and effectively together in harmony to produce a valuable website.  Our expertise in project management ensures the various skills come together, on time and budget.  We never lose sight that the purpose of a website is not to just look pretty but deliver greater connection between your organisation and its community of customers, suppliers, staff, investors, in this country and worldwide.

Online applications?

proj_6_220x170If your need for information systems is quite special we can develop online applications and databases which enable you to operate business processes, connect customers, suppliers, and staff.  Contact us for more details.

We wonder, how could we help your organisation connect better with its customers, suppliers, and staff?

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