Service Desk/ Help Desk system

Instead of dozens of emails flying backwards and forwards between your clients and your organisation, allow your clients to raise requests for service on your website. Your team will see categorised requests, allocate to colleagues, set priorities, and respond to the client in a consistent, collated, centralised mannerefficient, effective!

Use our service desk to help track, organize and resolve customer issues!


Use Staff user admin_1 and password admin_1 or simply register yourself as a client and raise a ticket in your own name and email address. There’s a lot more to see than we can allow on a public demo, please お問い合わせ for a deeper demonstration.

Note: the demonstration system is deleted and refreshed every few days.


The system can be installed on your own web hosting, or just jump onto ours (fast, secure, maintained, upgraded).

Stay in control of your customer support. Prioritise tickets by urgency, organise them into categories and filter them in many convenient ways.

Setup staff accounts, restrict their access and functionality, see who is working on what.

Our software is fast. Clear design, fast technology, so you and your clients get the information they need easily.

Include a whole library of information on frequently asked questions, guides, common information, instructions, より.

When needed, they readily submit a question/issuea support ticket is born.

Let your clients see a calendar of office hours, booked facilities, anything date & time related which you want to share with your clients & team.

画面が自動的にサイズが変更されます, 隠す, シュリンク, or enlarge the website to make it look good on all devices (デスクトップ, タブレット, 電話). Try the demo version on different devices to see for yourself.

The Knowledgebase, and Tickets can all include attachments, including documents, ビデオ, 画像, as well as text.

訪問者が自分のシステムの言語を選択することを許可します, から: 英語, アラビア語, ブラジルポルトガル語, ブルガリア, カタロニア語, 中国語(簡体字, 中国の伝統的な, クロアチア, チェコ, デンマーク, オランダの, フィンランド, フランス語, ドイツ人, ギリシャ語, ハンガリー, イタリア語, ラトビア, ノルウェーの, 研磨, ポルトガル語, ルーマニア語, ロシア, セルビア, スロバキア, スロベニア, スペイン語, スウェーデンの, トルコ語, ウクライナ.

弊社のコンサルタントがあなたのビジネスが成長を支援することに焦点を当てています, we are delighted to be retained to support and maintain your system. 私たちのサポート & お使いのシステムに作られた急速な変化を取得するため、メンテナンスが簡単になります.