JEJO (‘jay jo’) was formed in 2002 by John Dickerson. That just about makes us an adult now we’re 18+.

Our name comes from the two initial letters of John’s name, his partner’s, and the pet cats JEssica and JOsie. So, it’s a personal passionate foundation with it’s own identity.

John was born in Suffolk, UK.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics, a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  His early career was focussed on semiconductor research & programming factory systems, which has taken him across the globe.  When John was executing experiements, he became aware and applied the computers in the same lab to his work.  Experiments became automated and with real-time graphical presentation of data.  As well as these interests, John loves to cycle locally and touring international, sail, and hike or just travel especially in Asia.  His dream is to sail from the UK eventually to New Zealand and everwhere inbetween.

John is good at sensing the real-world potential and the underbelly of technology.  John admires Japan’s engineering power; the red dot in Jejo’s logo was inspired from the Japanese flag.

Business success comes from digital transformation

Jejo is a professional services firm, specialising in business process improvement through the application of information technology. We’ve been working with large corporates on big complex projects with multi-cultural, multi-national teams, on-site and virtual (off-site). Jejo enjoys the rapid pace, agile network, and positive business impact of working with SMEs.

Jejo has a dynamic team of experts around the globe from Germany, Ukraine, Poland, and India who apply their specialisms depending on the project.  Jejo are based onsite with clients or from offices in in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom with an office also in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


A harmony between technology, business process, & PEOPLE

Helping businesses in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury to control their IT systems with business-continuity, security, database applications, email, and more.

Enabled a furniture manufacturer to be become “overwhelmed with work” orders by getting their website right.


Successfully delivered challenging SAP projects, & launched our 1st brand brochure

John was approached by ex-employer managers who needed an SAP R/3 specialist Project Manager.

We implemented a new payroll system for 11,000+ staff in 3 months, and new financial accounting system just 2 months later, for Travelodge Hotels & Little Chef restaurants.

We launched our first brochure to help our customers understand what we do.

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Cultivated the business ethos ‘clarity is power’

Immersed in Asia for 3 years for such activities as teaching English in Thailand, and cycling for the British Red Cross charity in Vietnam

Helped companies in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore employ IT in areas as diverse as manufacturing control, hospitality, legal practise, and recruitment

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Revamped our brand positioning – Bold, simple, & strong, just like the systems we  develop

Entered a period of working on big, multi-year, complex, multi-national, expensive systems with teams onsite as well as around the world.

Clients included Shell International, Amey Group, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Dixons Retail plc, Anglian Water, as well as smaller companies.



Boosted multi-disciplinary & sustainable collaborations on advanced digital platforms

Created a ‘Track & Trace’ app for a squid fishing company in Asia which enables the tracking of frozen trays of valuable squid from ship to shore and more.

Our webhosting services, and office electricity was powered by 100% renewable energy

Provided our chosen charities with IT support, ranging from website development, information management, to task tracking tools etc.

SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire, UK – delivering blood, patient samples, and donated breast milk for hospitals.  We innovated the management & operations – vivid graphical reporting, ‘paperless’ encrypted personal records, backups, staff shift management system, a revamped website, and more.

Yayasan Annor Bakti in Malaysia – providing much needed support to the elderly, children, disabled, poor people and families in Malaysia. We’re currently providing web-site development to this very kind organisation.


Sharing seamless user experiences enabled by Progressive Web-App (PWA) next-generation tecHnology

PWA’s are next generation technology likely to overtake native ‘app store’ type apps, fast to develop, and far more affordable.  We see great opportunity in this technology.

Created our first PWA, a Food Delivery app for restaurants & takeaways to fully own their brand, for a very fair fee – a better option than the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo, and other high commission intermediaries.

We invested our efforts in a highly flexible booking system that provides real-time availability confirmation which is suited for a wide range of businesses.

We have a back-log of systems to develop now.

A new business is born

In July 2020, we conceived and developed the Dream Sails business.

Take a look at their website to find out what that’s all about  https://dreamsails.co

It is our honour to have been part of the story of so many businesses.

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