Our app runs from any (even cheap) standard Android smartphone, no particular terminal nor proprietary scanner scanner is required. This app is an excellent example of a sophisticated app that we have developed for our customers. It’s easy to use and fast scanning!

Track the critical items in your business, efficiently, from valuable production output, company assets, and even team activity with our QR code and bar code scanning & tracking systems.

The system is modular and highly flexible to diverse industries as well as scale-able to varying demands from different businesses.  

These systems efficiently provide the valuable missing information which many businesses struggle to control:

  • WHAT – do we have (what don’t we have)?
  • WHEN – did/ will we have it?
  • WHERE – is it now (where were it before)?
  • WHO – has it, did it, wants it?

This information is difficult to record manually and prone to human error. Combine a QR label, a scanner, hooked up to a live online database and suddenly you have a powerful business tool to track what’s going on.


Vivid, clear, live information on exactly the status of stock. Summarised bite sized information with drill-down to detailed history.

CASE: Squid fishing company

from first catch at sea to shore warehouse to despatch to customer

Catching 10,000’s Kg of fish each week is easily controlled by our fishing customer.  The fish has high value (and even has risk of theft).  As soon as the fish come on-board the fish are packed into uniquely labelled boxes.  The dedicated scanner app we developed records the box, the fish species, and size as well as the GPS location, date/ time of the catch, operator name, and the fishing vessel name.  When the fishing vessel is within 3G/ 4G mobile network range of the shore, the scanned data is sent to the company database for sales and stock management even before the vessel docks at port an hour or more later!


  • management get ‘catch’/ production data  even before the fishing boats reach shore – as soon as the vessels connect with mobile networks, still about 1 hour from port
  • earliest record of ‘catch’/ stock reduces risk of loss due to theft
  • historic record of fish caught in each area of the ocean
  • stock age is kept young thanks to knowing the exact catch date & good stock management
  • management obtains vivid statistical and graphical reports
  • detailed stock levels not just quantities but each individual box of fish

Screen shots

Flexible & dynamic reporting.  Choose what kind of report you want to use easily.

Clear design & complete information even on a small screen

Crates are comprised of one or more boxes

Dynamic reports, easy & instant

Dynamic tabular reports

Vivid, up-to-the-minute reports


The complete system is flexibly comprised of 4 components which combine and scale appropriate to the business demands.

The scanner becomes the eyes and ears of a business; tracking each item through the business with trusted record and detail.  The database presents this data in the form of actionable vivid information.

Use the SmartPhone most staff have in their pocket combined with super cheap or free QR scanner apps to create a powerful and flexible scanner.  The system will work with any Android based or Apple SmartPhone (whether cheap or expensive).

With a central database the data is accessible worldwide to all teams and parties that need it.  All that is needed is a device (SmartPhone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop computer) with internet access via 3G/4G or WiFi.  Everyone gets the same version of the information.

Statistics and graphical information is updated live as it changes with each activity.

Teams, locally & worldwide, have access to the exact same information.

QR codes can be read super fast, compared to regular barcodes.  Each scan saves precious time thereby making the process even more efficient.

Our scanning app can scan continuously without human control to automate scanning e.g. at a conveyor belt.

We can perform a system enhancement and it is available to all teams within minutes.  No need to install new software or shut down systems, the change goes live near-instantly – new reports, screens, options, all are made available in real-time.

QR codes can contain a little or far more information than a regular barcode.  As such they can include not just product identities but also price, description, categories, delivery addresses, customer names etc etc.  QR codes can even be printed such that even damage to the code still permits the code to be read.

Barcode codes tend to include just a short simple code.

We can create highly secure encrypted QR codes which validate high value items such as tickets, vouchers, or other financial ‘tokens’.

Our system provides textual as well as vivid graphical business information on the exact status of the items being tracked.

Our systems can be in any chosen language to ensure your multi-national teams and customers are able to effectively use them.

We are consultants focused on helping your business grow, we are delighted to be retained to support and maintain your systems.  Our support & maintenance makes it easy for you to get fast changes made to your systems.

With the large amount of data captured comes rich benefits of control, accuracy, trust, customer service, and efficiency.

Such control directly reduces wastage, improves efficiency, increases throughput, and more.